Filing for Chapter 13

Understanding different types of bankruptcy filing can be overwhelming. After all, what if you’re not only unsure if filing is right for you, but which chapter to file in? We’re here to help. We won’t overwhelm you with all the information on Chapter 13 bankruptcy here, but it is helpful for you to have a basic understanding of what it is before you meet with us.

What is Chapter 13 Exactly?

Simply put, Chapter 13 is commonly known as a reorganization bankruptcy. Chapter 13 happens to be the second most common type of filing for most individuals. Unlike the most common chapter filing, this type is less about debt elimination and rather focuses on the reorganization of finances. A common misconception with Chapter 13 is that the goal is for you to pay back all of your debt. This, however, is simply not true. In fact, in some instances, you’re likely to pay less to creditors in Chapter 13 than you would in Chapter 7. In a Chapter 13 filing, you’ll be expected to make a reasonable monthly payment to the Chapter 13 Trustee for no less than 36 months and no more than 60 months.


Of course, bankruptcy is not the answer for everyone. Although it might seem like the only option, there may be something you haven’t thought to try. Filing, in many cases, can alleviate the stresses and financial burdens felt by an individual. When should you consider filing? We recommend filing for those whose lives are being turned upside down by their occurring debts. If your current financial situation has begun to affect your familial relationships, are burdening your health, or affecting your ability to work, it might be time for you to consider filing.

The choice to fill, however, is never as simple as that. Although filing isn’t a death sentence, it can drastically change your future. As such, the process should never be taken lightly. That’s why we’re here to help you. Deciding on your own whether or not to file can be a huge burden within itself. By letting our team help through a consultation, we can figure out together if filing for Chapter 13 is the right option for you. A consultation is our chance to:

  • Review your current financial situation
  • Go over occurring debts
  • Discuss other possible relief options
  • Review Chapter 13 eligibility
  • Ask any questions you might have about the process of filing

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Step-by-Step Filing

Filing for any type of bankruptcy can be a tedious endeavor. After all, filing isn’t made to be easy or simple. We often have clients come to us who have tried to go it alone only to realize how difficult it is to keep track of important documents, and crucial filing dates. The experience can be exhaustive when you’re going it alone. There is another way! We’re here to help you through this tricky process step-by-step. If, after our initial consultation, you’ve decided that filing is the right option for you, we can move forward through the steps of correctly filing. Because of our many years of experience, we’ve built a system for filing that we know works. With our assistance, your case won’t slip through the cracks due to missed paperwork or incorrect filing.

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If you’ve decided Chapter 13 is the right option for you, we’ll be there by your side. We’ll help you collect the necessary information that will make up your case petition, such as:

  • A complete list of creditors
  • Amounts and natures of their claims
  • List of properties
  • Detailed information on monthly expenses, from living expenses to medicines

Rather than going it on your own, choose to trust in the right advocate for you. Having been through this exact process with hundreds of clients and having a high success rate, we know how to go above and beyond to be your proper representation. As your representation, we’ll do all we need to make certain that you understand the types of claims you may be presented with, and how to legally handle any payments. From planning to confirmation hearings, we’ll be there.

Foreclosure Prevention

The risk of foreclosing on a home is one of the main reasons why many individuals come to us for information and petitions. We understand the difficulty of fearing that your home and critical life assets will be taken away from you. We’re here to help you keep your home in your hands. If you choose to fill with the team at Utah Bankruptcy, an automatic stay will be put on your home. This means that regardless of how many creditors are currently bombarding you, filing stops them from completing the foreclosure process. Of course, this doesn’t mean you will be able to keep your home this way forever. Depending on what happens in the confirmation hearing, you will be expected to stay current on your mortgage from then on. You will also need to make up payments according to your Chapter 13 plan.

Creditor Protection

When you’re seriously considering filing for bankruptcy you’re fighting against…

  • Time
  • Debt
  • Constant creditor pressure

We know it can often feel like entering into a battle you weren’t likely to win. But we’re ready to help you win this fight. By protecting you against creditors and helping you through, a sometimes, lengthy filing process, we can make sure that you come out on the other side ready to fight for another day. It can be difficult to keep your rights in mind when you’re doing everything yourself, but we can share in that responsibility. We have the necessary knowledge and a wealth of experience to help you navigate the process from start to finish.

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