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Filing for Chapter 7

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide quick relief for those struggling to make important payments on time, or for those with serious financial concerns. If finances have begun to affect an individual’s ability to work, is straining family relationships, or even burdening one’s health, it may be time to consider filing.

Of course, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is no simple matter. It is, after all, an important decision that will affect one’s future drastically. Understanding what filing could mean for you is highly important when moving forward through the process, as filing requires absolute cooperation between yourself and your attorney. We’re not here to blindly steer you into filing for bankruptcy. In fact, we make certain to go over the entire process together before we file. A consultation is a chance to:

  • Review your financial situation
  • Discuss other possible solutions
  • Go over Chapter 7 filing
  • And answer any additional questions

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Step-By-Step Chapter 7 Filing

The process of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be difficult and time-consuming, enough so to discourage individuals from speaking to a bankruptcy lawyer, let alone file. Of course, this can be particularly problematic for those who may benefit from filing. That’s why we’re here to help.

We’re here to assist you through every step of the process, from start to finish. By offering expert professional guidance and advising you through filing, we can make certain you take the correct approach. With years of experience helping numerous clients successfully file for bankruptcy, we’ve created a 10-step process that makes a daunting task entirely manageable. 

  • Step 1: Credit Counseling
  • Step 2: File a Petition
  • Step 3: The Trustee Takes the Case
  • Step 4: The meeting of Creditors
  • Step 5: Eligibility is Approved or Denied
  • Step 6: Nonexempt Property is Handled
  • Step 7: Secured Debts are Handled
  • Step 8: Financial Management Course
  • Step 9: Discharge
  • Step 10: Bankruptcy Case Closed

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Representation for Chapter 7 Filing

If you’ve assessed your financial situation and looked into every option available to you, and have still decided that bankruptcy is the correct path to take, there’s a big undertaking ahead. Filing is not an easy or simple process, and with good reason. Many clients come to us after they’ve tried to take on the large workload on their own. As there’s an incredible amount of legal work involved, it’s easier than one would think to forget important paperwork or necessary deadlines. Although filing for Chapter 7 should never be taken lightly, the workload shouldn’t detour you if bankruptcy is your best option. 

After all, bankruptcy exists to help you receive a fresh start; a chance to rebuild a life in a financially secure way. That’s precisely why, if even the idea of filing is keeping you from doing so, you need experienced and knowledgable representation. 

The right representation will not only take away the major burden of filing but will strengthen your case as a whole. By choosing a lawyer who has represented hundreds of clients through the filing process, you’re choosing a team that has a long history of success.

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Foreclosure Prevention for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Are you currently facing foreclosure on your home? By filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can stop or delay a foreclosure. Although this doesn’t always block foreclosure permanently, it is possible that filing could help you save your home. If you’re in danger of losing your home, filing for bankruptcy will immediately stop foreclosure proceedings, acting against attempts from creditors or debt collectors to enforce strict liens. 

Chapter 7 filing won’t allow you to catch up on past-due mortgage payments, but it is your chance to delay losing your home completely. This isn’t, however, the right option for everyone. If you don’t have an exceedingly high amount of debt, filing tactically to save your home may not work. If you are, however, at risk of losing your residence and you’re unable to eliminate accumulated debts, Chapter 7 can help. Remember, even the greatest lawyer is bound by time. Schedule a consultation with a lawyer as soon as you learn about the impending foreclosure on your home.


Creditor Protection During Chapter 7 Filing

When you’re fighting against time, debt, and the constant pressure of creditors, it can feel like you’re losing an uphill battle. Not only is it difficult to know what not to do before filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but how to protect your assets during a bankruptcy filing. Protecting yourself may be the most troubling part of the entire filing process, and going it alone isn’t always an option. Thankfully, our team is ready and able to protect you in this fight. From protecting you against creditors to protecting your rights, we have the necessary knowledge and a wealth of experience to help you navigate through troublesome waters.


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